Hello and welcome..

Welcome to Fansite-Directory.net, a simple link directory for fan sites.

The directory was last updated on the 29th May 2020 and there are currently 169 fan sites listed here:

With the closure of Fan-sites.org and Starszz, a lot of fan sites have had to change URLs and are now being hosted by lots of different hosts and are ‘spread out’ across the web. Previously if I was looking for a certain fan site, I used to use the ‘hosted’ section at Fan-sites.org to find it. But, as that’s now not available, I thought I’d create a directory of the sites I like to visit. And, as I thought other people might also now be feeling a bit lost, I thought I’d put that directory online so that other people could add to it!

The aim of this site is just to create a list of all the fan sites currently out there. So if you own a fan site, add your site to our directory. Or if you love visiting a certain fan site that isn’t already listed here, add the link to the directory so that other fans can find it. 🙂